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Aye, wass up, how’s it going? Thanks for stopping through, I’m Krash by the way.

Calmly Done
Plot your destination, then start the journey.

Welcome to calmly done.  A lifestyle blog that seeks to provide it readers with inspiration and freedom from daily distractions.  This site was built for champions. Champions that are open minded, in control, and undoubtedly sure of their capabilities. The kind of individuals that stay completely unruffled while achieving things deliberately in a self disciplined manner.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. I’ve had the luxury of experiencing the risk-return trade off that comes with the Trap life. I’ve sparred toe to toe with the no risk no reward ideology that accompanies the 9 to 5 grind. What I discovered was that “I loathed them both” because neither of them could provide the peace of mind that I was in search of. is the platform created to share my knowledge and my experience for my readers benefit. Most of which was gained from living on both sides of the urban fence. The ultimate goal is to assist people with the process of leveling up. The content created here focuses primarily on areas such as Lifestyle, fitness, relationships, and finance.

My objective is not predisposed by aspirations of reinventing the wheel. My passion is ignited and fueled by all the infinite possibilities available to put a different spin on that wheel.

Stay Calm, Be Cool, and always collected.


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