Exercise Is my Meditation

Exercise is the best meditation.
Work comes first

Exercise is the best meditation. Whenever I heard the word meditation I envisioned yoga pants and Angela Bassett chanting “ nam myoho renge kyo”. The topic kind of made  me feel like Russel Simmons sitting bare foot, Indian style at a Beyonce concert. Now, the overall concept of meditation is easily grasped. It’s my inability to execute these concepts that troublesome. 

Meditation is a technique used to put the mind at ease while entering an alternate state of consciousness. During meditation, the mind becomes clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused. The problem was that my psyche is disobedient and unruly. It thwarted everyone of my attempts to discipline it or to guide it on a specific path.

How was I supposed to ascend to a higher plane of existence if my brain refused to cooperate (Kanye shrug)?

It’s no secret that routine exercise is great for the body and  extremely beneficial for the mind. When I first began to train, I only did so due to the notion that it was what healthy individuals did. Everyone knows that exercise is a cornerstone when it comes staying fit.

One day I found myself involved  in a highly stressful life situation. My first instinct was to take the recreational approach and drown those sorrows with booze. But this method solves nothing.

Alcohol does not increase intelligibility. So the odds of stumbling across useful solutions to a dilemma while saucy, is not likely.

You see, that giggle juice can be utilized as travel agent. It assists with putting distance between you and all that ails you. A cruise ship used to evade those harsh moments of reality.

But no matter where the voyage takes you it ultimately has to drop you back at the port where you initially boarded. And guess what? Those same issues you sprinted from will be right there waiting to greet you with open arms.

I recall a pivotal moment which took place during one instance of seemingly random anxiety. I’d had enough and I refused to resort to taking a liquid induced vacation from my difficulties. However, the emotional load was too much and I felt my sanity slowly abandoning me.

Out of sheer desperation I decided to hit the gym and workout. My intent was to redirect that unwanted negative energy and get my mind off of my concerns through exercise.

Twenty-five minutes into my workout I had observed something. Those feelings of distress had completely vanished and my mental clarity was amplified.

Positive thoughts and Ideas about how to solve my issue began to materialize. The dominant emotions of fear, and incompetence quickly faded away. I was no longer being suffocated by tribulations.  Solutions to resolve my quandary were appearing out of thin air.

It was as if the increased circulation of blood and oxygen heightened my cognitive abilities.

My reticular activating system was now laser focused finding solutions to my dilemma. Through exercise I was able to quiet my mind and redirect my focus inward as if I was meditating.

Anxiety is great for clouding judgment and attracting intense, negative emotions. Stress created a hurdle for the ideas and solutions required to address the hectic situation at hand.

The more reps I put in, the harder I worked out, the clearer my thoughts appeared to become.

Working out to alleviate that stress channeled my anger and unleashed the barbarian within.

My elevated testosterone levels got those neurons firing at light speed. This gave birth to of a slew of concepts that would undoubtedly improve my situation significantly.

I found myself stopping in between exercises to jot down those ambitious anecdotes. I had a sense of unwavering invincibility and there was no circumstance that would keep me from overcoming any obstacle.

I was instantly addicted to this unbelievable transformation of the mind and body. Exercise had become my meditation. I remember on numerous occasions when I was in desperate need of a helping hand.

I would sit down with a pad and pen, completely in brainstorm mode and all I did was draw a blank. This made me wonder, where was my attention during all those other training sessions?

I was probably focused on the hot chick in the gray yoga pants. You know, the one who uses the stair master until the perspiration flows down her back and pools at the top of her buttocks. Leaving behind a wet thong like imprint.

Or maybe it distracted by the guy with the 35 pound dumbbells. Yeah, the dude with the bad form doing a squat press combo without a full range of motion because he doesn’t want to get sweat on his new sweat suit.

In any event all I’m saying is that focus, good form, and proper breathing techniques can help you reach that next level of consciousness. When I first read up on meditation and tried a few techniques I discovered early on that it was a difficult task for me to accomplish.

I could not quiet my mind and get it into that calm place where peace and bliss hang out.

I focused on the sound of my breathing but one way or another I’d get distracted. Either by the neighbor’s kid playing drum solos or my uncle outback coughing up an intestine.

But low an behold I have discovered my calm place. It’s in a gym pumping iron or in a park doing calisthenics. It’s in the seclusion of my headphones as the balls of my feet pond the pavement during that 5 a.m. run.

These are the places I frequent when I need my answers. Can I sit erect in a chair attempting to reach that relaxed state while listening to the calm, soothing echoes of my respiratory system? Hell naw, to the naw, naw, naw!

I need that “GET THIS WORK” playlist. I need my circulatory system on one hundred thousand trillion and  my blood vessels on full blitz. This is where I search for the unknown. Where do you find your answers?

Until we meet again

Stay Calm…… Be Cool….. & Get Sh!t Done.

I’m outta here…

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